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    Our services

    Our Services

    Aqua Generation offers a wide range of professional services such as the embellishment of your swimming pool – through minor or major refurbishment – the maintenance, or the installation of the filtration and heating systems.



    The quality of a pool lies in its waterproofness; the smallest leak can turn into a nightmare for its owner. Aqua Generation is specialized in water tightness, and will help you find the leak quickly and effectively.


    Spare parts

    Being specialized in swimming pool equipment, we have all the spare parts that you will ever need for your technical installation, your robot, etc.


    Shutters and covers

    It’s crucial to cover your swimming pool to limit water condensation and thus keep the water heated. Whether the swimming pool is heated or not, indoor or outdoor, protecting it gives a number of advantages. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.



    Proper sanitation is needed to maintain the visual clarity of the water. Get rid of the headache of water treatment which requires a lot of time to maintain good water quality and balance. You can automate the water treatment system of your choice (chlorine, active oxygen, salt water chlorination, UV, etc.) so as to obtain a sanitized and sanitizing…


    Robot cleaners

    Robot pool cleaners are efficient machines that clean your pool; they are self-directed, thorough, energy saving and easy to use! Contact us for more information.



    Our team of specialists put their talents at your service to remodel your haven of peace. Whether you want to install a new resting area, stairs, mosaics or a new liner, Aqua Generation guarantees the use of the finest material at great prices.


    Maintenance of the pool

    We offer a yearly maintenance contract so you can really enjoy your pool to the fullest, all year long. We guarantee that your swimming pool will be clean and well-treated, and we also handle the technical installations.


    Heating system / Heat pump

    A heated swimming pool is not a luxury limited to the privileged. There is nothing better than diving into a pool at the right temperature. Furthermore, let’s keep in mind that all heating systems can be installed afterwards on any existing filtration system.


    Equipment room / Filtration

    Optimize your energy use and ensure good water quality by installing adequate pool filters. We install, repair and maintain your water filtration, and we guarantee the use of the best products in terms of environment, cost-effectiveness and reliability.


    Accessories and products

    In order to keep your water crystal clear throughout the seasons, we have all the necessary cleaning products and accessories to help you fight against organic waste and microorganisms.

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